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The Hoss — Designed With Our Customers In Mind

When looking for an outdoor furnace, your one and only choice is the HOSS products available from Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces. Our HOSS furnaces are built with the utmost quality and to the highest standards and specifications.

American Made Outdoor Industrial Grade Coal Furnaces – Wood Fired

All of our furnaces are 100% American made. From the steel we use in the production process to our team of highly trained employees, we are a company dedicated to our country.

Dedicated to Producing a Top Quality Product

At Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces, we are committed to producing and providing our clients with a world-class product. Our production process and employees are held to the highest of standards to ensure that our products always exceed client expectations. We are continuously improving our products and processes to best serve the interests and needs of our customers.

Save Money, Energy, and Time

HOSS furnaces are built for maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance. For many families in Tennessee, America, and across the world, the HOSS industrial grade coal furnace – wood fired furnaces provide significant savings each month. With an efficient source of heat from a Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces HOSS unit, your home or building will enjoy a comfortable temperature and a reduced energy bill each month.

Our special ash removal tool and furnace structure are purposefully built for simple maintenance and upkeep. This allows furnace owners to easily clean and maintain their HOSS furnace all year long with ease.

We’re Ready to Ship Your HOSS Furnace

Contact Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces today to learn more about our HOSS products, the benefits of biomass products, and so much more. We look forward to providing you with the finest outdoor furnace in the industry. Call us at 931-684-9263 for more information.

Hoss Furnaces are compatible with Nova Dry Kiln

Nova Dry Kiln provides lumber dry kilns and pallet heat treating systems. These systems exceed industry standards achieving the best short and long-term financial results. With Nova Dry Kiln technology, kiln operators can use touch screens to make instant changes with each individual kilns. Nova Dry Kiln offers medium and large dry kilns, as well as smaller kilns.